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Global Protection Team is founded by Chris Rasmussen to try to get more volunteers to join World Community Grid and in our team. As a Captain in the team, there is a lot of work to do. In every country where volunteers join we will also have a Co-Captain to help out with the language and other things. At the moment we have a Co-Captain in Denmark (Hjerre).

As a volunteer you have more than ever, the opportunity to help scientists with your combined computing power. Being in a team is more inspiring than being alone when helping. There is always someone you can talk to and to compare with. We face many problems in the world both in terms of the quick development of medicine as well as quick solutions to global problems.

Fortunately, we have World Community Grid, created through IBM. World Community Grid is a non-profit organization where researchers can get help with their work through the execution of a program (BOINC) on volunteer’s computers. The researchers can then through their projects very quickly find the solutions they need. Now there is pain-free and much better treatment of patients with cancer. You can read about other solutions on this page

Global Protection Team Captain is using Green Energy When fighting for human lives. Join us and do the same.

If you want to Join our team and download the software right away click here
You can download this guide to get started
PDF Installation guide
(Installation guide you can edit)

Researchers often have the need for many resources to carry out their experiments and they don´t have the time to wait for someone to collect money. Through World Community Grid researchers get the computer power through the big grid of computers. All results and findings have to be published so that everyone on the planet can use the knowledge and find quick solutions on how to produce the medicine.

Global Protection Team has members like you and me, both young and old. Some have spent their lives helping sick people through their work. We also have a member who works as a researcher in skin diseases. When joining our team, you will get the help you need to install the BOINC program on your device. You will have access to our team website where we post a lot of information about new findings, WCG Projects, Team Challenges, Base Campers and you can even see what we write on our team twitter account without having an account. You can register your email and get info as soon we post it on our webpage. Read our Privacy policy.

As a team member, you will be listed on our website with your picture and you can always see the result you and others on the team have archived. If you want more info on results on WCG and statistics, you will find them on this page. Our website is updated every day.

Be part of the grid.

It’s s nice to see team members feeling happy about being a part of this solution to the problems in the world. We are trying to have as much fun as possible in the team.

Find your old/new computer and use it to something sensible. You will not regret it.

Global Protection Team has both Computers, laptops, phones, and servers in operation with both Android, IOS X, as well as Windows and Linux operating systems.

At the same time you will come into a community where everyone wants the same thing: To help others. Global Protection Team is international, and all are welcome.

Global Protection Team is a small dedicated group of volunteers from different countries that through their work as a volunteer in World Community Grid found that they would fit into our team instead of standing alone while contributing to WCG. Our team was founded in late 2018 and has since then grown to more than 13 members. Some of our members has been volunteers almost since the beginning of World Community Grid in 2004.
We are a very active team where volunteers can take part of all the team activities.
We will as a team try to get as many Volunteers to support WCG in all its projects. Global Protection Team is also active in other projects outside WCG like GPUGrid and Rosetta@home.

We will as a team try to get as many Volunteers to support WCG in all its projects. Global Protection Team is also active in other projects outside WCG like GPUGrid and Rosetta@home.

We are active in almost all challenges on WCG and communicate on twitter @gpt_team, by mail, on WCG forum. One of our closest friends on WCG is Thomas H.V. Dupont from the team CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES.

Global Protection Team in the “Fight for human life” challenge on World Community Grid

Everyone is more than welcome in our team, and we will give you all the help that you need to get running. It will be up to you how much you want to take part in all the activities. We will welcome you with open arms. All members are equally important to our team.

PDF Installation guide
(Installation guide you can edit)

Down below you can read more about World Community Grid. 🙂

If you become a World Community Grid volunteer, you donate your device’s spare computing power to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability.  

Is World Community Grid a non-profit organization?  

World Community Grid is an IBM sponsored philanthropic initiative, started in November of 2004. Its purpose is to create the world’s largest public computing grid for running research projects that benefit humanity.

How does World Community Grid get new projects?  

First, a non-profit organization has to have a research project which benefits humanity for which they require some serious computer power in order to complete the research. Then someone from the research organization goes to the World Community Grid website and Submits a Proposal. At World Community Grid, they review the proposal to ensure it meets all requirements and is technically feasible to run on the grid.  

Then subject matter experts from IBM researcher review the proposal to ensure that the research is technically correct. After that, non-IBM subject matter experts review the proposal and also verify that the project is technically correct. After that, it is placed on the schedule for launch.  

After signing up 
A screensaver is telling you when and makes calculations. You can use Windows, Linux, Android and MAC OS X devices.  

To join our team or read about WCG, click on this link. You can also go to the join section.  

What are Project badges?  
Project badges recognize the contribution that a member has made to a research project running on World Community Grid, and recruitment badges recognize the member’s contribution to introducing new volunteers to World Community Grid.  

Badges appear on a member’s My Contribution page and next to their name in the forums.  

Project Badges: There are 11 levels of badges awarded based on how much computing time a member has contributed to each project:  
• Bronze – 14 days  
• Silver – 45 days  
• Gold – 90 days  
• Ruby – 180 days  
• Emerald – 1 year  
• Sapphire – 2 years  
• Diamond – recognizing higher levels of contribution of 5, 10, 20, 50 and up to 100 years of computing time.

Avaliable Badges:


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