Challenge for secret badge has ended
Challenge for secret badge has ended

Challenge for secret badge has ended

Th. 22-27 May 14:15 UTC the first will run. All who take part will get a challenge badge but only one will get the special badge. (Next Challenge is already announced – no hidden icons anymore but online games – who is the strongest???) We are watching you 🙂

This Challenge is Now Closed

Requirements for challenge:

Register with your E-mail on our website (you can unregister any time after)

In the challenge you need to find a hidden link with a 🙂 above the link.

 icon, that will take you to the secret badge website page. On the website page there will be a question.

Send an E-mail with the right answer to before 5 days time runs out and the badge is yours to keep if you are the first to email the right answer. After the 5 days a new one will start.
In the challenge starting 22 may, only one person can Win the secret badge. (but all will get a challenge badge for taking part in the challenge)
The challenge will run for 5 days or until the answer is posted. ALL badges not found are claimed by the captain.

The secret Badge has now been taken by [CSF] Thomas H.V. DUPONT from CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES .

Secret badge

Congratulations my friend 🙂 The challenge is still open until 27 may so that everyone can claime the other challenge badge on the secret page, but the secret badge has now been taken.

Challenge badge