Base Campers is on a new trek at Sawyer
Base Campers is on a new trek at Sawyer

Base Campers is on a new trek at Sawyer

Message from Little Mermaid (Basecampers)

Let’s help Sawyer to fight cancer.
He has a very personal reason to ask for help: Sawyer is a boy whose father has cancer.
This is Sawyer’s address
I’m afraid I cannot run this trek the way I use to, but you know what to do:
Join Sawyer’s team and crunch, crunch, crunch

This is Sawyer´s team description:
Hi, my name is Sawyer and I’m 13 years old. My dad has brain cancer – and I need your help. My dad was lucky. He had emergency brain surgery, a second awake brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Treatment is ongoing. I need your help to find the next treatment and help cure my dad. My goal is to do 100 years of cancer research before my dad’s next birthday in September 2020. Your spare computing power can help me do this. Please sign up today.

[GPT] Mandsen, [GPT] Celyr and [GPT] Chemist Cruncher from Global Protection Team has been sent on the trek but will be coming back. Hopefully many other teams and team members will follow them to help out Sawyers. New members are joining almost every day to help out. With current speed we will reach the goal in 98 days so we need all the help we can get. Thanks so much to everyone for helping out.