Keep fighting for human lives
Keep fighting for human lives

Keep fighting for human lives

Dear team members and friends on World community grid. A lot of people are having a hard time fighting covid-19 but also other illnesses. It is hard to fight and at the same time being afraid of loosing your job and life to this illness. We have to stay together in this and keep fighting. At the moment we have 11 member in our team and 6 members that are active. Thanks so much for doing your best everyone. Here are results for this month. 🙂

Catsdomain is the top cruncher this month followed by Martin Pedersen.

Thanks also to Hjerre, Anders and Hans Otto Rasmussen (my Dad :))

I really cannot do this by myself . It gives me energy to keep this team alive and our website. Keep crunching hard.

A BIG thanks to all our friends teams and special thanks to Thomas H.V. Dupont from the team CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES.

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