Calling all team members in Global Protection Team @gpt_team.
Thanks so much for crunching so hard last week. We came in as nr 34 out of 138 teams. We succeeded to be among the 50 best teams in the world in the Thorchallenge2020 and I have now accepted an invite from WCG to participate in the next challenge starting Monday next week created by @csf_team. (see below).

Dear [GPT] ChrisRasmussen,

Your team, Global Protection Team, on World Community Grid has been invited to participate in a team challenge. The challenge was issued by THOR Challenge 2020. The winner of the challenge will be the team that accumulates the most run time between Monday, September 21 and Sunday, September 27.


The World Community Grid Team

During next week we need to use all of our power and more to be within the 25 best teams if we want to proceed to the next challenge after this one.

This will be very hard and can only be done if we are creative and figure out a way to gain more power than last week.We need everyone in the team 24/7.

Good luck to all of you. Do not give up now. we can do this if we want.

Your captain
Chris Rasmussen