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How to request a SNURK sign to use in signature

If you want a SNURK sign like mine to past as a link into your forum signature, mail signature or on a webpage you can kindly request one from SNURK´s. Stefada (nerdos) from Base Campers pointed me in the right direction and Little Mermaid from Base Campers told me how to add it into my Forum signature. Its very simple (if you know how to)


With Screendumps

First sign in to World Community Grid with your account.

Open a new tab in your browser and go to this website.
Press the “Request a Signature

Press “Reply” to SNURK´s post to request a sign.

Write a small message like mine requesting a SNURK sign and press “Reply to the post”

Now you wait for him to reply.  You can press Watch if you want a mail telling you when that is.

After a day or two you will have your sign in a reply from him. You can then right click on your sign and save the link (not the picture).

After that you can paste the link to the place´s where you need it. It will take a day or 2 before the sign shows the correct value´s. 😊

If you go to this place, you can change your Forum signature with you new sign, but change the sign to yours instead of mine. Like this, adding the tag [img ]your signature link given to you by SNURK[/img ] without any spaces between the tags and your link. If you don’t want the link to Global Protection Team just remove it.


[url=]Global Protection Team[/url]